Morocco and film locations

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Game of Thrones (Yunkai)
It says “film” locations, but we’ll also talk about TV shows.

Morocco is a preferred filming destination for filmmakers worldwide as the country offers a choice of varied landscapes for filming in Morocco. Filmmakers can use the terrain of Morocco as a double for any country in the world. Whether it is the beautiful beaches of Essaouira, the Atlas mountain range or the Sahara desert, Morocco offers filmmakers a chance to film their dream project at an economical and comfortable pace.


The scenes of slavery, desert travel, and gladiatorial training school were shot in Ouarzazate, Morocco, just south of the Atlas Mountains over a further three weeks. To construct the arena where Maximus has his first fights, the crew used basic materials and local building techniques to manufacture the 30,000-seat mud brick arena.


Bactrian fortress: Lower Atlas Mountains, Morocco

Lawrence Of Arabia


The Tafas massacre was filmed in Ouarzazate, Morocco, with Moroccan army troops substituting for the Turkish army

Game Of Thrones

In the Game of Thrones series, to show us the Essos continent has been chosen the South of Morocco. The walled oceanic cities, the sunny oasis in the Draa valley and the old Kasbah of the Atlas Mountain have become the perfect locations to shoot the Danerys adventures in the Salver’s Bay.

Essaouira (Astapor, home of the Unsullied). Travelling to the coast following a stint in the desert will be a refreshing experience. Another key Game of Thrones film location is the beautiful coastal town of Essaouira. Visit the ramparts early in the morning to avoid a load of tourists on your pictures!

Ait Ben Haddou (Yunkai). The amazing historic fort (or Kasbah) of Ait Benhaddou was the film location of Yunkai – where Daenaerys Targaryan was held up to the chanting of ‘Mhysa’, You will need to take the winding three to four hour journey from Marrakech across the Atlas Mountains towards Ouarzazate to see this site, but it is well worth it. Hit Benhaddou is a UNESCO World Heritage site on the ancient Caravan route.